The benefits of human proximity to plants is well documented and is just one of the many reasons that we all design, propagate, install, maintain, discuss, and enjoy plants. This year, the Ecological Plant Conference (EPC) will delve into five plant-centric topics to educate, entertain, and inspire you. Join us for the sixth annual EPC deep dive into plants old and new.

Sessions include:

-The Garden Base Layer: Native Groundcovers, speaker Duncan Himmelman

-New Naturalism: Lessons from Wild Plant Communities, speaker Kelly Norris

-Plants that Sustained a Broken World: Enslaved African Contributions to Medicine and Botany, speaker Dr. Carolyn Roberts

-Planting Considerations for Toad and Amphibian Habitat, Speaker Priya Nanjappa

Panel Discussion: Good Communication and Respect: Keystones for Team Building on Landscape Crews, Rebecca McMackin, Panel Moderator