It could be argued that the lack of diversity is one of the most pressing problems in the design and planning fields. Measuring to Manage: The Design Diversity Index webinar will present initial findings from the Design Diversity Index, a project led by David Jurca, Associate Director at Kent State’s Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, and Jacinda Walker, Founder of designExplorr. The Index is an online tool for measuring progress toward achieving diversity goals that will collect, maintain and aggregate data on the number of African Americans and Latinos from design schools, programs, and professional organizations and integrate a range of design disciplines. Our online platform compares regional data across multiple disciplines, rather than comparing national data across many states from only a single discipline. This tool benefits students, parents, professionals, and other stakeholders by providing aggregated, state-based data to guide short and long-term actions to increase diversity in design disciplines. Over time, the tool may provide locally-based insights on successful actions for increasing diversity, which can be shared across disciplines and serve as a model for other states to adopt and reproduce. As we move toward the final milestones on this project, our objective today is to share this tools’ unique multidisciplinary approach and to hear your thoughts on our progress.