Speaker includes Todd Ontl, USDA Climate Hubs Fellow, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS). 

Session Description: To support land managers interested in maintaining or enhancing forest carbon stocks and the capacity to sequester additional carbon into the future, decision makers need tools and resources to assist in translating broad concepts of carbon management into specific, tangible actions. This menu of adaptation strategies and approaches for carbon management provides options for actions to support integrating climate change considerations into carbon management activities. The strategies and approaches are derived from a wide range of reports and peer-reviewed publications on climate change adaptation and carbon management and serve as intermediate “stepping stones” for translating broad concepts into targeted and prescriptive tactics for implementation. This presentation will discuss anticipated climate impacts to forest carbon stocks, introduce the carbon management menu and describe the Adaptation Workbook process intended to utilize the menu, and outline several real-world forest management case studies developed using them.

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