The Plant Conservation Alliance holds Bi-Monthly Meetings that are free and open to anyone interested in plant conservation. Each meeting features a guest speaker from the plant conservation community.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every other month from 2:00 – 4:00 pm Eastern in the Washington, DC metropolitan area (MAP) and all are available as a live webinar. Please contact if you would like to attend in person or remotely.

Presennter: Jeannette Whitton, Director University of British Columbia Herbarium, Canada’s SARA & COSEWIC

Dr. Whitton is a plant evolutionary biologist whose research aims to explain the origin, spread,
and persistence of new lineages, using focal species complexes in plants.
She currently focuses on two groups in the sunflower family, the Rocky
Mountain genus *Townsendia*, and the North American *Crepis* complex, both
of which include derived asexual (apomictic) lineages that have arisen and
now share the landscape with their sexual progenitors. However, her
presentation here will be about her involvement with the Species at Risk
Act (SARA), Canada's analog to the U.S. *Endangered Species Act (ESA).

To join the live webinar:

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