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Do you need to conduct a campaign feasibility assessment for your nonprofit?

Ten years ago, that question was easy to answer with a resounding “yes.” However, today, you will find articles online that question the value of the campaign feasibility assessment. Some writers suggest it is an outdated development tool and does not inform the campaign plan in meaningful ways. You may read other blogs that question the need to hire a development consultant to help with the assessment, suggesting every nonprofit can complete a feasibility assessment without help.

With all this conflicting information, what should you do?

First and foremost, the campaign feasibility assessment remains a powerful tool in nonprofit fundraising. The process helps you assess the potential success of the campaign before you invest time and resources–human and financial–into the effort.

Join Heather to learn the basics of the campaign feasibility assessment and how you can assess whether you can complete it on your own or need to hire a development consultant.

What we will cover during the live webinar:

  • The basics elements of the campaign feasibility assessment

  • How to assess your capacity to complete the assessment

  • Tips and tricks for board, staff, and volunteers to get involved in the campaign feasibility assessment

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