Nonprofit boards should not fear risk, but simply managing it is not enough. Risk is a dynamic, complex, multidimensional challenge and your strong leadership is required to address it. 

The value of effective risk management isn't always immediately obvious but there are tangible benefits to being a risk leader at your public garden. 

Are you and your public garden’s leadership managing risk effectively? Be the leader that empowers your public garden to embed risk management in policies, systems and processes across your organization. 

The American Public Gardens Association presents a four-part online series that will show you how to inspire effective risk leadership from the board level at a public garden. Melanie Herman, Executive Director at the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, will join with executive garden leaders and public garden CEOs to provide you with the tools you need to be an effective risk leader for your public garden. 

This series focuses on the application of risk leadership at a public garden, but the lessons learned can be applied by board members at non-profit museums of all types. 

Each session is $50. Purchase the full experience for a discounted price of $150. For those who missed the January 6th session, the full experience will provide you a recording of the first session.

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Session 1: Thursday, January 6, 2022, 2-4pm ET

Preparing the Soil: Board Practices that Support and Inhibit Risk-Taking and Risk Oversight  Recording will be available soon!

Does your board culture allow your public garden to manage risk effectively? Differences in shared values, beliefs, and assumptions about how the board should behave, interact, and make decisions can lead to risk aversion or dangerous risk taking.  

Discover how you can cultivate a board culture that protects the mission without constraining innovation and growth. 

Melanie Herman, Executive Director at the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, provides you with an overview of board governance modes and how they impact risk-taking and risk management giving you an increased understanding of the board’s risk-taking role and risk oversight responsibilities. 

Session 2: Thursday, January 20, 2022, 2-4pm ET

Feeding Your Mission: Managing Fiduciary Risk 

As a board member, do you appreciate your role as a fiduciary? You have a duty to act for the benefit of — and in the best interests of — your public garden. 

Be the leader that engages your board in critical conversations about your garden’s financial challenges.  

Melanie Herman, Executive Director at the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, leads a panel of public garden CFOs to empower you to lead your board in establishing financial goals, set metrics, and benchmark for success. 

Session 3: Thursday, February 3, 2022, 2-4pm ET

Providing Support: The Board’s Role in Managing Reputation Risk   

Your public garden is vulnerable to reputation risk, a hidden danger that can pose a threat to the survival of even the biggest and best-run organizations.  

Your garden’s reputation is essential for its success and survival because it affects the ability to appeal to new customers, retain members, and drive revenue. 

This session explores your role in understanding reputation risk. You will learn strategies to build and fortify an enviable reputation and what steps you can take to restore a damaged one. 

Session 4: Thursday, February 17, 2022, 2-4pm ET

Extending Your Mission’s Season: Candid Reflections on Risk and Reward  

Is your garden’s board a team that thinks broadly about risk? Does your board embrace bold risk taking as key to mission fulfillment? 

Melanie Herman, Executive Director at the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, leads a panel of executive garden leaders to empower you with techniques to lead your board in conversations that tap your board members' unique perspectives to identify and confront big-picture and long-term challenges facing your public garden. Explore facets of the dynamic risk landscape in which all organizations operate so you can understand and avoid risks that can derail your vision. 

Cost: $50 per session, or $150 for all four sessions when purchased together.

PLEASE NOTE, registration is limited to organization CEO/Executive Director and Board Members. Other staff may register for this series only if the organization is also represented during the session by either a CEO/ED or Board Member.