Our specific reasons may vary, but we all care about this beautiful planet we call home. Sadly, there is a lot changing here on Earth. There are issues developing that could turn our beloved home into a place that is no longer hospitable for us.

There is good news: we have simple (but not easy) solutions we can implement today. We can look to Nature for guidance. What natural processes created planetary conditions favorable to all members of our planet, including humans, mammals, birds, reptiles, and so forth? 

Trees were – and are – one of Nature’s most powerful tools for creating the planet we know and love today. If we plant many new trees and care for the ones we have, we can begin healing our planet.

During this lecture, we will explore two areas:

1.   What are some of our most pressing environmental issues? How can trees can solve these issues? Most importantly, what can we do to help? Spoiler alert: it's properly planting new trees and responsibly caring for the ones we have.

2.   How do we properly plant new trees? How can we care for existing trees in a manner that maximizes positive benefits for all members of our ecosystem? We'll teach you how to do these things, as well as how to avoid common pitfalls.