Registration Required – Register by May 27! This Course is offered by the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE).


Are you looking for ways to enhance your environmental education teaching/practices this summer? Interested in starting a portfolio of your work to become a certified environmental educator in Colorado? Need graduate level re-certification credit? Then sign up for the Principles & Foundations of Environmental Education online course.

Principles and Foundations of Environmental Education is a professional development course aimed at classroom teachers and non-formal educators who would like to gain basic knowledge of environmental education (EE) and how it can be incorporated into their instruction. Through on-line distance learning, course participants will explore the history and goals of EE, develop an understanding of the professional roles and instructional methods of environmental educators, and interact with other educators across the country.

Participants will work both individually and collectively by giving and receiving feedback in a virtual large discussion format. Assignments will help participants build a professional portfolio demonstrating their knowledge and skills in environmental education, which can then be applied towards becoming a Certified Environmental Educator through CAEE’s EE Certification Program (optional).

To read more about CAEE's Environmental Educator Certification Program, click here(link is external).

**Participants in the course can submit their portfolio for Certified Environmental Educator review for no additional fee. Master Certified Environmental Educator portfolios may be submitted for an additional $50 (savings of $50). Please note the Certified Environmental Educator program is seperate from the online course and is optional.

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