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At a time when nonprofit leaders find themselves in an increasingly diverse philanthropic environment, understanding how to harness the power of cultural diversity from the donor perspective is essential. This session includes:

– Information and insights about the effects of culture and traditions on giving.
– Information on specific population groups and their cultures, traditions, and practices that affect and influence philanthropy.
– Real-life examples from the major cultural groups as to why these considerations are important.
– Suggestions for the culturally-proficient professional, particularly in fundraising.
This session presents the how-to, research, and current affairs and issues and is based on our new book, Diversity and Philanthropy, as well as many years of practice, research, and presentations on the topic. Although knowledge on this topic has been discussed and researched since the mid-nineties, we also know from surveys and practitioner feedback that most fundraisers do business as usual when it comes to considering cultural differences in fundraising. In addition to the above, this session will provide suggestions for implementation of practices interspersed with group and individual exercises.

Learning Outcomes:

The expected outcomes will be: 
– a heightened awareness of the effect of culture, tradition, roots and religious influences in giving in North America, 
– a self-examination of attitudes and practices,
– development of a preliminary plan for organizational and fundraising practice change.
– Not only will the participants learn the highlights of culture and philanthropy but will also leave the session with ideas on how to move forward in practicing inclusivity in fundraising and philanthropy.

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