The Project Wingspan team is thrilled to offer this workshop series. The overarching goal of this workshop series is to increase the success of native habitat restoration and management efforts by offering land managers and stewards advanced educational support, recent findings from scientific field research, guidance on current best management practices, and practical solutions to ‘real-world’ habitat management obstacles. In collaboration with professional land managers and conservation scientists from throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes region, Project Wingspan invites your participation in this 5-part workshop series.

*For the purpose of these workshops, the term “restoration” is defined as management actions that intend to enhance and/or support native plant, pollinator, and other wildlife species biodiversity, ecosystem function and service provision, and long-term native landscape sustainability.

Workshop 1: Native Pollinator Ecology and Biology and other Grassland Species of Concern- November 3

 Workshop 2: Building Scientific Understanding to Guide Native Pollinator Habitat Restoration Practices- November 10

Workshop 3: Restoration Project Planning and Site Preparation- November 17

Workshop 4: Project Implementation- December 1

Workshop 5: Habitat Management and Monitoring- December 8