The effects of urban development write a profound signature on the landscape.

Soils are inevitably compacted and regraded or paved over. We have developed  techniques that can remediate these  degraded soils and provide a long-term solution towards creating a sustainable landscape post construction.

When paving is not involved, we developed the ‘Scoop and Dump’ method soil remediation and have followed its effects over 12 years of practice, measuring soil health and plant growth over the long term.  Briefly, it involves incorporating   significant volumes of compost with a backhoe to create veins of compost for root growth and drainage in previously compacted  soil. Moreover, this compost injection feeds the microorganisms which aid in soil aggregate formation the release of nutrients. This low impact solution to  improving degraded soils holds real promise to help green the urban environment.

June 11, 2019, at 12:00 p.m. Mountain – translate to your time zone

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