GBCI staff invite you to join the first SITES Quarterly Call of 2018, on Thurs., March 22. During this call, GBCI and SITES users will discuss how to efficiently navigate the various stages of the SITES certification process, including fee setting and documentation.

SITES-certified projects benefit the environment, property owners and local and regional communities in numerous ways. For example, SITES-certified projects can see significant savings by reducing water demand and energy consumption. They can also create ecologically resilient communities better able to withstand and recover from episodic floods, droughts, wildfires and other catastrophic events.

During this call, we will explore ways to communicate the value of performance-based design to clients to help them better understand and embrace SITES.

In addition, GBCI staff will share recent SITES announcements, respond to frequently asked questions and introduce a new USGBC faculty program focused on SITES education.

Call: 1.650.429.3300

Access code: 715 867 722

Password: sitesQ1