Loss of sagebrush habitat is a primary threat to the greater sage-grouse in the western United States. The Sagebrush in Prisons Project improves habitat for greater sage-grouse by collaborating with state prison systems to propagate sagebrush and engage offenders in sustainable land stewardship education. Production of native sagebrush within state prison systems represents an opportunity to provide urgently needed plant material on a broad scale, while providing valuable personal and professional growth opportunities to men and women in custody. Through the Sagebrush in Prisons Project, incarcerated adults have the opportunity to connect with nature, engage in ecological education opportunities, and gain occupational and professional skills that will extend beyond their sentence. The Sagebrush in Prisons Project is a collaboration between the Institute for Applied Ecology, Departments of Correction in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming, U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, and the Sustainability in Prisons Project. 

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