Gary Lawrence has been in the trenches of local government, academia, NGOs and the private sector working on a range of sustainability issues and he has the battle scars to prove it.  Many of his scars healed with a little more wisdom about what doesn’t work and what might work better.  He would like to share some of his experiences with you.  Despite the great investment of thought and money, sustainability has failed to shape necessary political, economic and social change since Our Common Future was published.  Some reasons for lack of progress relate to doing short term economic thinking by businesses and investors.  Other factors have to do with competition within advocacy groups for the ownership of the idea and the priorities of their members.  The academic community, too, bears great responsibility by not finding ways to synthesize its research and teaching so that society can better understand where the value of leveraged changes can be found.  In this webinar, Gary Lawrence will explore the fundamental reasons why communicators have not found a way to penetrate the public’s consciousness so they will focus on the importance to “me,” not to some anonymous “other.”

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