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Duties and Responsibilities
● Provides ongoing monitoring of assigned garden area for plant health, irrigation needs, and aesthetics.
● Cleans up and removes Garden debris including human generated littler as necessary
● Consults with the Garden Manager to devise a weekly plan of action and prioritize the needs of their area.
● Actively participates in the Garden’s Integrated Pest Management program for the control of weeds and pests. Humanely traps rabbits, ground squirrels, roof rats, wood rats, and other garden pests as necessary or as directed. Applies pesticides and other chemicals following all federal and state laws, regulations, and safety policies as necessary or as directed.
● Plants, provides protection for plants, mulches, and prepares soil; weeds designated area using manual or chemical controls; prunes shrubs and small trees.
● Installs, operates, maintains and repairs irrigation systems as necessary or as directed.
● Provides supplementary hand watering as needed.
● Uses hand tools effectively.
● Maintains clean pathways and provides spot repair of decomposed granite paths.
● Operates power equipment safely and effectively (string trimmer, blowers, etc.) and provides operator servicing (filling and checking oil, gas, water, etc.) for same.
● Reports servicing needs, equipment malfunctions, breakdowns, etc. in a timely manner.
● Trains, supervises and works with interns and volunteers as necessary or as required.
● Assists with other aspects of the Horticulture Department and Garden operations as needed.
● Operates electric carts, including daily inspection for maintenance needs, weekly battery servicing and cart washing
● Performs other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience

● Strong knowledge of or ability and desire to learn California native plants.
● Professional gardening experience preferred.
● AA degree in horticulture preferred or equivalent work experience in horticulture practices
● Knowledge of use and safe operation of manual and power gardening tools.
● Ability to work effectively independently and in teams.
● Strong interpersonal communication skills.
● Basic computer stills including MS Office, excel.
● Valid California Driver’s License required.

Physical Demands

This is an outdoor physically-oriented and demanding position which requires:

● Ability to walk, kneel, bend, stoop, sit, crouch and drive vehicles.
● Ability to move equipment to various locations within the Garden.
● Must be able to stand for extended periods.
● Working outdoors in inclement weather, including summer heat.
● Must possess ability to operate powered heavy equipment.
● Must be able to grasp, clutch and carry tools or potted plants.
● Must be able to lift and carry up to 40 pounds.

While working in the garden, horticulturists are under the supervision of the Grounds Manager. Most of the horticultural work is outdoors. Horticulturists are expected to have clothing and footwear appropriate for the tasks and weather conditions. It is unusual to be working outside in heavy rain for extended periods, but it is expected that work will continue during light or intermittent rain. Rainwear is available, but personal gear maybe desirable. It is strongly recommended that staff keep an extra set of clothes at work.

Position Application

CalBG offers a comprehensive benefits package.

Qualified candidates please email, fax or mail resume and letter of interest to:

California Botanic Garden
Attention: Ashlee Armstrong, Grounds Manager
1500 N College Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711