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Horticulture Supervisor

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Horticulture Supervisor

Job Qualifications

Performs supervisory and expert-level work to plan, organize, and direct a section of the intricate horticulture operations of the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. Performs and oversees horticulture production for a multitude of plant species and varieties, and for tropical plants and plant collections. This includes orchids, bromeliads ferns, palms, cycads and unique ethnobotanical plants, plant propagation, greenhouse management, including the environmental computer system, plant nutrition, soil, foliar, and water testing. Oversees compliance in greenhouse safety practices, including ergonomics and pesticide and respirator safety, and disease and pest control. Performs other related duties and responsibilities as required.

Supervision Exercised
Exercises technical, general, and/or administrative supervision over assigned staff.

Competencies (Not listed in order of importance)
Demonstrates an ability to develop an understanding of the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory policies, procedures, programs, practices, terminology, and services.

Demonstrates an understanding of the full range of principles, terms, techniques, trends, and procedures associated with horticulture science. This understanding applies to a multitude of tropical and/or temperate plant species and varieties utilized in landscape design, permanent collections, or floriculture operations.

Demonstrates an understanding of the full range of federal, state, and local laws, rules, regulations, manufacturer specifications, education standards, policies, and procedures governing the horticulture field.

Demonstrates an ability to learn, train, supervise, and evaluate others in using current technology and best horticulture work methods.

Demonstrates an understanding and an ability to use a range of current and modern job-related equipment, computer hardware, and software applications including database and spreadsheet software programs.

Demonstrates an ability to perform physical activities such as standing or walking for long periods, repeated bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, crawling, and climbing ladders or scaffolding, and lifting.

Demonstrates an ability to identify the range of issues, risks and liabilities associated with the work and identify measures to resolve or prevent such issues.

Demonstrates an ability to utilize technical expertise of plant species and floriculture crops to appropriately prioritize and set deadlines for one’s own work and the work of others by adjusting work schedules.

Demonstrates an ability to meet deadlines, define, measure, and evaluate project and program results.

Demonstrates an ability to plan and prioritize the horticultural needs of the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

Demonstrates an ability to resolve technical and operational problems through consultation with appropriate staff or colleagues.

Demonstrates an ability to troubleshoot crop problems or specimen plant problems, predict detrimental results, and recommend alternative practices.

Demonstrates an ability to ascertain appropriate climate settings and operate computerized and manual climate control systems.

Demonstrates analytical skills required to compile and analyze data, prepare reports easily understood by the intended audience, and assist with the budget.

Demonstrates an ability to maintain crop production or plant collection and display records and interpret soil, foliar, and water test results.

Demonstrates an ability to effectively listen, speak, write, and interact in a tactful, logical and professional manner.

Demonstrates an understanding and respect for the diversity of customers and co-workers and an ability to effectively communicate with small and large groups and in one-on-one situations.

Demonstrates effective meeting facilitation skills, public speaking, presentation skills and an ability to interface with local media.

Demonstrates an ability to produce written and visual materials that are easily understood by the intended audience.

Demonstrates an ability to provide effective supervision and leadership of a work-group encouraging individual participation and creativity, being supportive of others and the group decision-making process, effectively managing conflict, and being tactful and impartial.

Demonstrates an ability to work collaboratively with others to accomplish the mission and vision of the organization.

Demonstrates an ability to plan, direct, coach, train, and evaluate staff work performance.
Demonstrates an understanding of the customer service standards.

Demonstrates an ability to maintain quality standards and direct service planning activities which meet the high quality expectations of visitors, internal and external customers, college faculty and students in horticulture programs, and related organizations.

Demonstrates respect for the diversity of all Como Park Zoo and Conservatory customers, co-workers, the public by being pleasant, friendly, and approachable.

Demonstrates a commitment to continuously evaluate and improve customer service.

Demonstrates an ability to coordinate staff and facilities to meet the request of internal and external customers and communicate results.

Education and Experience

Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture and four years of experience in commercial floriculture or plant collection maintenance and display including exotic and tropical plants. No substitution for education.

Must have a Minnesota Department of Agriculture Non-Commercial Pesticide Applicator License (written tests part A and E) within six months of the date of appointment.

Must possess and maintain a valid Minnesota Class D Driver’s License, or equivalent out-of-state driver’s license.

Position Application

Submit a City of Saint Paul online application, including answers to the Supplemental Questionnaire.

Upload or submit the following required document(s) via the online application system, mail, in person, email, or fax. (Zip files and web links will not be accepted. Each uploaded attachment is limited to 10MB.)

A resume
A cover letter (optional)