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Senior Horticulturist - Outdoor Garden

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Senior Horticulturist - Outdoor Garden

Job Qualifications

– Works with Supervisor to target and develop plant collections and landscapes according to Garden policy and area descriptions
– Utilizes Index Seminum, as well as, the Garden’s Targeting Database to build collections
– During species selection, conducts research entering information on plant habit and cultivation into the Targeting Database
– Observes plants when growing in the Garden, collects and enters cultivation information into the Living Collections Management System, and modifies growing environments based on observations to support optimum plant health
– Utilizes internal data sources such as the Living Collections Management System, Targeting database, and external data sources to aid in individual plant cultivation and landscape maintenance decisions
– Performs plant record-keeping at the highest level ensuring that all plants in the collection have accession labels at all times and all maintenance information regarding the collection (i.e. new plantings, divisions, moves, deaths, etc.) is up to date at all times
– Exhibits the highest level of ethical conduct in obtaining and sharing plant material and ensures compliance with MBG policies
– Stand in for and act as a point of contact for staff when the landscape supervisor is away from the Garden
– Provides training and mentorship to other horticulture staff and students
– As requested by the supervisor participates in member and donor tours
– Works with supervisor in planning field collections of plant material and staff exchanges
– Performs a wide range of landscape/maintenance tasks important to the cultivation, preservation, protection, and transplanting of existing plants; including but not limited to soil preparation, planting, staking, mulching, weeding, watering, fertilization, irrigation, pruning, training, IPM, and pesticide application as needed
– Understands, consistently monitors, and implements appropriate irrigation requirements for a variety of plant materials and utilizes technology to tailor irrigation schedules to assigned collections
– Plants and maintains displays in a manner that enables plant genetics and accessions data to be preserved and allows the public to easily distinguish plants when reading plant labels
– Requests propagation of plants in the collections to ensure survival, paying particular attention to rare and threatened species and those of wild origin
– Completes landscape designs and oversees the layout and installation of plant material
– Plans, in advance, for minor and major landscape changes and requests plant material in time for it to be propagated and grown to size by nursery staff
– Operates technical equipment, submits maintenance requests in a timely manner, and maintains general care of tools and equipment necessary for operations to include but not limited to: vehicles, forklifts, pallet trucks, carts, lifts, Cushmans, tractors, cultivators, mechanical sprayers, and a variety of hand tools

Education and Experience


– Minimum of (5-7) years hands-on, relevant horticulture work experience required
– Exceptional knowledge of plant material and landscape maintenance techniques with an emphasis on herbaceous perennials, bulbs, shrubs, trees, and vines
– Ability to organize and lead teams, problem solve and resolve team conflicts
– Proven ability to convey technical concepts to other horticulturists, volunteers, and students
– Proven ability to maintain plants and landscapes at an exceptional level
– Proven ability to design landscapes with mission-focused plant material and modify the growing environment to support plant diversity
– Proven ability to add and maintain plant material to living collections to support conservation, research, and education
– Proven knowledge of and significant experience with living collections, curation and demonstrated excellence in plant recording
– Knowledgeable in safe operating procedures of various landscaping tools and equipment and proficient in their maintenance
– Strong knowledge of appropriate and effective watering practices for a wide range of plant material
– Proficient ability to identify various plant fungus, pests, and pathogens and apply sound, appropriate controls
– Demonstrates ability to communicate effectively at all levels; must enjoy and feel comfortable interacting and working in close proximity to the general public, in a safe and friendly manner answering questions about the living collections
– Scheduling flexibility that allows working weekends and holidays for annual watering schedule and occasional snow and ice removal
– Knowledge of and adherence to all health and safety guidelines
– Must have received or be willing to receive the COVID-19 vaccination by date of hire to be considered. Proof of vaccination will be required.
– The requirements and duties listed are representative and not exhaustive of the knowledge, skill, and/or abilities required
– The requirements and duties listed are representative and not exhaustive of the knowledge, skill, and/or abilities required


– Associate’s or B.S. degree in Horticulture, Biology, Botany, and/or related field required
– An equivalent combination of skills, education, and experience may be considered

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