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Job Qualifications

– All general gardening activities

– Operate equipment and vehicles safely

– Maintain equipment and vehicles safely

– Weed and clean bedding areas

– Water as needed and directed

– Mulching

– Planting seasonal flowers

– Planting woody plant material

– Transplant woody plant material

– Mowing as needed

– Hedge shearing

– Pruning evergreen and deciduous shrubs and flowering trees

– Snow and ice control

– Responsible for participating in departmental and Foundation programs for quality assessment and improvement

– Computer literacy in Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Nemours mandated programs

– Work with department management to improve services provided

Education and Experience

High School Diploma
Valid driver’s license
CDL is useful to have in hand but not required
Three years working in public gardens preferred

Position Application

Applications should be submitted through our online jobs portal at