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Lichenarium Technician

Job Title

Lichenarium Technician

Job Qualifications

Essential Duties:

Herbarium Duties (ca. 95%)

Consolidate the two lichen collections physically and online;
Update outdated lichen names;
Update the online portal “Consortium of Northern American Lichen Herbaria”;
Barcode and image lichen specimens;
Mount lichen specimens;
Manage lichenarium volunteers.

Other Duties (ca. 5%)

Communication with the public during tours and in presentations;
Perform field work, including occasional overnight camping trips.

Education and Experience

Knowledge and Abilities:

Experience with and knowledge of basic taxonomic principles, botany, and herbarium or museum curatorial practices;
Knowledge of and experience with lichens a plus;
Ability to follow instructions, work successfully with others, and work independently with minimal supervision;
Excellent attention to detail and organizational skills;
Manual dexterity sufficient to prepare lichen specimens neatly and quickly;
Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines;
Computer proficiency including ability to use Microsoft Access, Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, and ability to learn new computer programs as necessary;
Ability to communicate well both verbally and in writing;
Willingness and ability to work cooperatively with peers at SBBG (in Conservation & Research and in other departments) and other institutions (e.g., herbaria, community organizations);
Support for the Garden’s mission and goals.

Qualifications and Experience:

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university in biology, botany, ecology, library science, or closely related area;
Two or more full years of relevant experience preferred.

Physical Requirements:

Must be capable of regular, physical work indoors and in the field, including:

Sitting for up to 2.0 hours at a time and using computer for lengthy periods;
Standing/walking for extended periods of time;
Ability to stand/walk for extended periods of time, bend, squat and hike rugged trails, and safely lift and carry boxes of specimens and supplies (40 lbs.);
Ability to conduct field work for the collection of lichen specimens in a remote setting with rugged terrain under a variety of environmental conditions;
Bending, squatting, walking stairs, and hiking rugged trails;
Tolerance of an outdoor work environment. Exposure to indoor and outdoor environmental conditions, including temperature fluctuations, rain, dust, allergens, poison oak, insects, wild animals, and sun exposure.

Position Application

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