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–Performs the duties of Gardener (Advanced) Supervisor in the Gardening Division of the Capitol Grounds and Arboretum (CGA) jurisdiction. Responsible for planning work operations and management of gardens and grounds assigned to the CGA jurisdiction.

–Responsible for the administrative and technical supervision necessary for accomplishing day-to-day activities. Plans work operations, establishes priorities and work sequences, sets deadlines, makes work assignments, obtains resources needed to accomplish timely completion of assigned projects. Plans current and future work schedules, budget requests, and staffing needs.

–Recommends garden design plans. Collaborates with staff to improve the appearance of gardens and grounds. Assists with creating designs that achieve high impact and aesthetic appearance on the grounds.

— Performs various tasks in the planting, transplanting and maintenance of a variety of grass, trees, and shrubs. Assists with the implementation of an insect and disease control program. Executes spray schedules recognizing insects and plant pathogens. Treats plants, trees, shrubs, and turf to control destructive insects and diseases.

–Analyzes and resolves issues and problems in the gardening operations, work methods, and day-to-day operational procedures.

–Develops and maintains strong relationships with departmental personnel, vendors and other customers/clients.

–Utilizes computer technology skills in the use of Microsoft Office applications.

*** This position is essential and will be required to report to work during adverse weather emergency and will be required to work overtime in emergency and inclement weather***

Education and Experience

A citizen of the United States;
Applicants must possess and maintain a valid and unexpired state driver’s license at the time of application.

must apply to become a pesticide Registered Technician in the District of Columbia within 30 days of the effective date of employment.

Position Application

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