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Arboriculture Intern

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Arboriculture Intern

Job Qualifications

1. Tree Maintenance – Assist in performing arboricultural tasks. Working with trees to ensure their health, safety and overall good appearance within the Winterthur Estate, ;e.g., tree inspection, evaluation, tree pruning, cleanup and ground support for climbers. Use appropriate equipment and methods to perform work on trees.
2. Training – Participate in Safety, Equipment and Maintenance training. e.g., Lyme Disease, Back and Small Equipment Use videos, tree planting and pruning demonstrations.
3. Equipment Maintenance – Proper cleaning, sharpening, maintenance and storage of job related equipment. i.e., chainsaws, chipper, climbing and rigging gear.
4. Aesthetic/Environmental Stewardship – Acquire an understanding of the history and design intent of the Winterthur Estate. Develop an awareness toward the principles of conservation, environmental management and land stewardship, and how these principles shape Winterthur’s landscape management philosophy. Employ environmentally sound practices in the field of arboriculture.
5. Tree Evaluation/Inventory – Research and document tree problems or concerns. Maintain information on treatments performed on trees, or relevant information in a computerized database, e.g., perform tree hazard assessments and respond to questions concerning a tree’s condition.

Work Schedule: Approximately May 17, 2022 – August 27, 2022; Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 2:30 pm (35 hours/week plus optional 5 extra hours).

Education and Experience

Minimum Experience: Enrolled in an accredited arboriculture program or has successfully completed related curriculum and has successfully completed 6 months educational and/or field experience in the study of arboriculture or related field

Preferred Education: 2 years in an accredited arboriculture program or related field with experience in public gardens

1. Ability to execute oral and written directions.
2. Basic knowledge of arboriculture terminology & practices.
3. Ability to express ideas clearly orally and in writing
4. Good interpersonal skills
5. Basic knowledge of I.P.M. and plant taxonomy, and anatomy.
6. Working knowledge of computers and Microsoft systems

Essential Functions:
1. Ability to operate arboricultural hand-tools and power equipment safely.
2. Valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record.
3. Ability to work with manual shift vehicles/various large and small power equipment
4. Ability to stand, kneel, and bend for long periods of time.
5. Able to traverse uneven ground/inclines
6. Work outdoors in all temperatures/conditions and emergency situations
7. Exposure to biting insects, poison ivy, herbicides and fertilizers
8. Able to lift 50 lbs.
9. Have adequate hearing and sight in order to be aware of nearby guests and staff when the employee is using or is around equipment such as mowers, weed-eaters, blowers and sprayers.

Position Application

Qualified applicants may apply by following the link below:

*Application requires cover letter and resume – two letters of recommendation, and your most recent transcript will be required if you are selected for interview.