Holding a Nationally Accredited Plant Collection™  is added recognition of your institution’s long-term commitment to plant collections preservation, and to achieving a high standard of excellence in plant collections management. In this presentation, you'll learn all about the benefits of applying for accreditation through the Plant Collections Network as well as the necessary steps and materials needed to get started.

Presenter: Pam Allenstein, Manager, Plant Collections Network, American Public Gardens Association

About the Plant Collections Network:
The American Public Gardens Association Plant Collections Network coordinates a continent-wide approach to plant germplasm preservation, and promotes excellence in plant collections management.

Nationally Accredited Plant Collections may serve as references for plant identification and cultivar registration. Collection holders make germplasm available for taxonomic studies, evaluation, breeding, and other research. Participating institutions compare holdings with others to identify duplications and gaps. This makes efficient use of available resources, strengthening collections through combined collaborative activities. Click here for an introduction to the program.

Plant Collections Network is a long-term collaboration between the American Public Gardens Association and the USDA–Agricultural Research Service. Formerly the North American Plant Collections Consortium (NAPCC), its first collections were accredited in 1996. Learn more about our continuing partnership at go.publicgardens.org.

For more information, contact Plant Collections Network Manager: 
Pam Allenstein at pallenstein@publicgardens.org or 610.708.3015.

Video edited by:
Caitlin Simkovich, Creative Projects Coordinator, American Public Gardens Association